Resources for Women

Resources for Women:
Womens intergroup email- contact to ask questions, find a sponsor….ect

Women’s Only Contact Line: 267-332-4698- Deb
Women’s Only Email:
At this time we are having difficulty and do not have a Women’s only meeting. Please go to our meetings tab, any meetings that say “mixed” are open to both men & women.
There are several other sexual addiction recovery programs available to women only, use Google to find them. slaa orange county

3 thoughts on “Resources for Women

  1. There are not enough resources for women. I’ve had the hardest time getting ahold of anyone whose number is posted. I’ve been very disappointed because I’m new, desperate and need help.

    • Hi Anna,
      We are so very sorry for not getting back to you in a timely manner. We have been struggling with having a consistent location and contact for our Women’s Only meeting. If you go to the meetings tab, and look at each day’s meeting, you can see what is open for women. Most of our meetings say “closed” which does not mean closed to anyone wanting recovery, it says closed because we do not permit therapists or students…ect attending meetings who are not struggling with addiction. So, go to our meetings tab, ignore the word “closed”, and look for any meeting that says “mixed”, that means open to both men and women.
      Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, we are here to help!
      Ron R.


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