The Orange County Intergroup of SAA (OCISAA) manages the business of SAA in the Orange County Area. OCISAA has four primary areas of responsibility:

  1. To help SAA groups carry the SAA message to the addict who still suffers.
  2. To provide shared and coordinated services and resources to individual members and the member SAA groups, e.g. the website, telephone line, and printed meeting lists.
  3. To allow for the effective use of OCISAA funds.
  4. To help disseminate information within the local SAA organization and to coordinate outreach and public information for SAA in the Orange County Area.

There are currently about 50 meetings within the geographic area served by OCISAA. Each group may elect its own Intergroup representative. These members provide input to Intergroup on the matters listed above and relay relevant information back to the groups they represent.

Monthly Intergroup Meeting OCISAA meets the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm until 7:30pm. Instructions are listed under meetings.

Any SAA member interested in the business of SAA may attend this meeting. If a matter is put to the group for a vote, these visitors may participate in the discussions, but will not be allowed to participate in the voting process.

Sobriety requirements are set by member groups; OCISAA recommends six months of membership in SAA and three months of abstinence from inner circle behaviors.


  Download Minutes and Agendas
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OCISAA members participate in committees, where much of the work of Intergroup is done. Such committees include:

  • Outreach — Outreach activities include: getting our basic text, Sex Addicts Anonymous, into Orange County libraries; communication with health care professionals in Orange County; speaking engagements to educate others about our work, and others.
  • Website — Maintaining and updating the OCISAA website as a repository of information of interest to the local community and potential new members.
  • Telephone — Maintaining a hotline for people to get information about our program.
  • Finance — Accounting for fellowship funds.
  • Meeting List — Providing updated meeting lists to members, meetings and anyone who requests them.

Anyone may participate in these committees whether an Intergroup rep or not.

2 thoughts on “Intergroup

  1. Please provide updated website information on time and location of Intergroup meetings. There seems to have been a change with respect to the meetings at Lighthouse Church on Thursdays and no one in our noon SAA meetings knows what’s going on.

    • Hello Randy,

      Our intergroup meeting night changed last year to the 2nd Wednesday each month, same location. The change had been posted on our meetings tab.


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