Why attend our meetings?

All of us hit what is called “bottom” sometime. Usually it is painful, we have hurt others (many of whom love us) and ourselves. Life has become unmanageable, all the lies we told others and ourselves were too much to live with, our wives & husbands found out, life became unpleasant.

The good news is there is another way to live! We started by going to meetings, listening to people share, hearing our own personal stories we thought were “unique”. We learned we are not unique, there are many addicted to sex and pornography, and, there are many of us who have started this program and now have positive & fulfilling lives. Below are some testimonials from people in our local fellowship telling what happened when we started attending & participating in SAA meetings and started the 12 Steps (based on Alcoholics Anonymous).

See below for testimonials by our local fellowship:

Ron R.     My experience:

I remember talking with a counselor who suggested I attend SAA meetings early on when I had discovered I had this addiction. Actually, I did not know I had an addiction, until I started attending SAA meetings.

I had read some books by leading Dr.’s on the sex addiction subject, and, performed the suggested diagnostics. A very sobering experience! So, I gathered enough courage to find a nearby meeting (I was lucky, there was one very close) and walk through the door. That was very hard! I remember seeing several men who seemed depressed, and, also finding some similarity during the shares. I realized after a time, yes, I did have this addiction, and was not alone! Step 1 helped with that realization. I got a sponsor, who gave me some suggestions which were very helpful, the most important was working the 12 Steps (of Alcoholics Anonymous).

Today I can say my entire life has changed for the better. I no longer live with sick secrets, act out compulsively, or have to lie or cheat. My relationship with the God of my understanding is strong, my relationship with my wife & daughters has improved, I can look forward to the positive instead of focusing on the negative. It did take me quite a few meetings to get to the stage of working the recovery plan, but, when I did the suggested things life started improving! No matter what happened, I kept coming back to the meetings, try it, it worked for me, and, I believe it can work for you!