Referred by a professional?


Please feel free to look over our website. Many of us have been helped with our addiction by mental health professionals and our meetings.

How our program works:

We use the 12 Steps if Alcoholic Anonymous, which has helped thousands of people.

We recommend attending several meetings, find the one that fits you best. We have over 30 a week. Listen to the shares, share if you choose, we recommend you do.

Get a sponsor, work on defining your sexual boundaries, unhealthy boundaries and healthy boundaries with your sponsor.

Work the 12 steps as your sponsor suggests. If these are worked diligently, you and others will notice a positive change.

Attend SAA meetings, do not isolate, attend your mental health professional meetings.

Once you are ready, give back to someone else, we call it “Carrying the message to the addict who still suffers”, or the 12th Step.

There is a solution!

All of us hit what is called “bottom” sometime. Usually it is painful, we have hurt others (many of whom love us) and ourselves. Life has become unmanageable, all the lies we told others and ourselves were too much to live with, our wives & husbands found out, life became unpleasant.

The good news is there is another way to live! We started by going to meetings, listening to people share, hearing our own personal stories we thought were “unique”. We learned we are not unique, there are many addicted to sex and pornography, and, there are many of us who have started this program and now have positive & fulfilling lives.



Phone: 562-337-9004   this number is for someone who lives in Orange County.