In Memoriam…….

We are remembering a Fellow we lost 1/5/2022 named Phil G.

Here are a few shares regarding what Phil meant to our Fellowship:

Frank S.– “There was a commercial many years ago from E.F. Hutton that goes like this-” “When E.F. Hutton speaks people listen”, That was Phil G. beyond a shadow of a doubt. He was a great listener, spoke with command and eloquence, kind, humble & generous with his loving heart for his brothers in recovery. A true example that our program works! He has planted the seeds of spirituality in all of us. Now we need to pay it forward”.

Hugo M.- “Phil was a father-figure to me and spent a lot of time walking me through my internal work as well as the mechanics of the program. I am forever indebted to Phil and will mourn his passing for sure. 
Very grateful that he was in my life!” 

Ron R.– Phil had been in our Fellowship since the mid 1990’s,and was one of the people that were integral in getting our 1st meetings established in Orange County.”

“Phil was solid in his recovery and was an inspiration for many. He volunteered consistently in service positions (he was our 1st OC intergroup Treasurer) and always went out of his way to answer questions or help in any way he could.”

“I noticed without fail, Phil would always stay behind after meetings to greet any newcomer and make them feel welcome! To many of us that knew him, Phil was a solid, superb example of what someone’s life can be in recovery, a life well lived!”

“This is a huge loss to our fellowship!”

.Jay F– I know many will miss him, particularly his smile & positive energy!

Thom C.-   He was able to say a prolonged goodbye to Tim and I and to people he was sponsoring.  Up to the end he was freely giving of himself and teaching me what I need for the future when my time comes.
I have truly lost a loving, loyal friend.  As I’ve called around today people are telling stories of how much he gave to them.  He was a gift to me and definitely to the program and the world at large.
I’m sure he is at peace, and I am at peace knowing that we had the chance to say a proper goodbye.


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